lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

First (of many) Postitposter Contest

Well, here's the thing. I'd been thinking for a while (and some of you suggested it as well) to have a contest in which you tell me what would you like to see. Of course, I can, and will make some modifications and take some kind of artistic freedom.

The rules are the following:

1_ You have to leave a comment telling me what would you like me to draw
2_ You must be a follower.
3_ Only one suggestion per blogger.

Of course, there will be awesome prizes such as:

1st prize The drawing you requested + a special mention + a header for your blog OR a picture of you (if you want it, of course)
2nd and 3rd prize The drawing you requested + a mention. (they will be posted in the following posts)

So start thinking, you have time till tomorrow (uncertain hour hahaha)

9 comentarios:

  1. Raccoons fighting me for food, in a trash can. We are both desperate to eat that rotting food that lies in the metal trash can, so as you can imagine, it's a fierce fight.

  2. Hmm let's see... how about a picture of Danny Trejo with pigtails riding a rollercoaster?

  3. A bowl of Jello on stage, singing, with a band of three other people on drums, bass and guitar.

  4. Mexican mariachis playing hockey vs Canadian policemen.

  5. I would love to see some fruits and vegetables fighting in a battlefield against fried food. Tomatoes would be piloting the kamikaze planes and splattering into the fried food bunkers, cabbages would be the heavy tank drivers and bananas would be snipers, hiding behind lettuce covers as fake bushes. French fries - the basic infantry troop. Chicken wings would bring on the heat with portable flamethrowers, roasting away salads in the front line while cheese burgers carry the ammunition between their buns. Peaches would be parachuting onto the battlefield as reinforcements while hamburgers flank the olives operating the communication equipment in a ditch. :)

  6. I would like to see you draw a picture of Michael Jackson fighting an ostrich on a beach.

    Or maybe just something fun for Halloween. Nice post, can't wait to see.


  7. I missed this post! I didn't get a chance to give you my suggestion! ;( Maybe this could be a regular feature...