jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Danny, I'm sorry but this is the truth.

This is a real story, it has nothing to do with Sub-Radar-Mike's suggestion

The other day, in a place I would rather not to say, I saw someone.... let's call it Tanny Drejo, using pigtails, very, very, scarred in a rollercoaster.

Wait, this Tanny Drejo, looks like Danny Trejo, a lot.

Naah, just kidding, this is Mike's 2nd place prize, hope you all like it.
Please, no one tell Danny about this.

This got nothing to do, as usual, but you know how things are round here.

13 comentarios:

  1. Danny Trejo is more handsome. :P

  2. So he's grown man dressing like 6 year old girl? :P

  3. I really like your drawing style and the color / background color, very unique style.

  4. LOL! Fun doodle! Btw, have you ever thought about adding some colour to your doodles?

  5. @My 2 Pesos: Of course, this is was my best shot, but I couldn't reach that level of handsomeness
    @Gizmo: Basically. He's acting like one as well.
    @Mo: Thanks man, really apreciate it!
    @Adam: Thanks! :)
    @Shutterbug: Yeah, it's a posibility. Right now i'm experimenting only wiht black, but in the future i'll probably start colouring them.

  6. That postit... disturbs me greatly.

  7. Hehehehehe, cough.

    Lol it's still funny.

  8. Danny Trejo on a rollercoaster of love? Wow, you've had a good day.

  9. Danny would end you if he saw this. :D

    Following! :)