martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Brain-eating err... robots?

First of all, I feel I owe an apologize for being away so long. Shame on me.
But let's go to the real important stuff. Today, I'm very proud to present something that makes me very happy (with a story that isn't happy at all): POST IT POSTER ON COLOURS = )

The horror! The doom! The brain-eating zombies! They're hungry, so run, run, run.

Nom nom nom.

They're so... metalic?
Oh wait, they aren't zombies, they're robots! EVEN WORSE.

0110011100101 = Prepare to die.

We're open to suggestions on how to defeat them!

Massacre - Vienen Zombies

11 comentarios:

  1. No need to apologize. I didn't even realize you were gone... ;)

    I like that you have started using colours with your doodles. I was going to suggest using colours!

    I like the robot! I don't want to defeat them! I want to be friends with them.

  2. Dude yes colors. I like. And brain eating robots? Great. Great!

  3. Huzzah, colours! I hope you'll move towards either end of the electromagnetic spectrum for those who only see, gotta accommodate all the possibilities, no?

  4. At least you're back. :D

  5. I had to read everything twice to understand what a heck are you talking about :P
    And song is OK

  6. I don't know about the zombies but I'm pretty sure a big magnet would mess up the robots.

  7. omg, like we dont have enough dealing with zombies, now we have to worry about robots as well, i need mah brains!

  8. I like your art very much. Especially the robot.

  9. How to defeat zombie robots?
    Simple, get Elvis Presly to come back to life and challenge them to a game of dance dance revelution! Winner wins and loser goes to like with the fishes!