miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Warning! The planet might be in danger. Not any more.

I know you've been waiting for the resolution of this history that involves the destiny of our planet.


Wait, what's that?

 Brain-eating robots?
Yeeeaah! Fhhhhmmm brain-eating robots saves the day!

But they are still a danger for humanity.

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

Warning! The planet might be in danger.

This is a public service announcement.
It should be classified information but the danger is too big to keep it as a secret.

In the next few hours a meteorite will be crushing with planet Earth

Unless... Someone or something saves us.

To be continued.

Enjoy this great tune while we wait for our savior.

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

BEHOLD! Jamal.

Yey! We have lot's of coloured illustrations!

Once I met someone who liked to be called Jamal.
Jamal lived in a tree and worked as a banker.
He lived in disguise to preserve his real identity (just like super heroes)

Jamal's disguise

After a huge effort, I succeded in the hard task of discovering Jamal's real identity, and took some pictures.
Those pictures have been hidden for a long long time, for political interests, but the day has come.
Admire, Jamal's real identity!

 And handsome.

I'm sorry Jamal, I know we were friends, but I had nothing to share today.

Uuuhuhu Ahahaha... I love this guys.

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Brain-eating err... robots?

First of all, I feel I owe an apologize for being away so long. Shame on me.
But let's go to the real important stuff. Today, I'm very proud to present something that makes me very happy (with a story that isn't happy at all): POST IT POSTER ON COLOURS = )

The horror! The doom! The brain-eating zombies! They're hungry, so run, run, run.

Nom nom nom.

They're so... metalic?
Oh wait, they aren't zombies, they're robots! EVEN WORSE.

0110011100101 = Prepare to die.

We're open to suggestions on how to defeat them!

Massacre - Vienen Zombies

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

Mexico 2 - Canada 0

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the last delivery of the contest's pizes.
This idea came from My 2 Pesos


Too much moustaches for a week.

Ay ay ay ay!

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Danny, I'm sorry but this is the truth.

This is a real story, it has nothing to do with Sub-Radar-Mike's suggestion

The other day, in a place I would rather not to say, I saw someone.... let's call it Tanny Drejo, using pigtails, very, very, scarred in a rollercoaster.

Wait, this Tanny Drejo, looks like Danny Trejo, a lot.

Naah, just kidding, this is Mike's 2nd place prize, hope you all like it.
Please, no one tell Danny about this.

This got nothing to do, as usual, but you know how things are round here.

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

First (of many) Postitposter Contest Results

First, I'd like to thank to all te ones who take a shot in one of the best contests ever made. There were some pretty good ideas and it was quite hard for me and the rest of the jury to make a fair desicion.

So, let's go to the important things.

In a 3rd and very respectable place we have...

(Mexican mariachis playing hockey vs Canadian policemen.)
Congratulations, your mariachis will be coming very soon.

In 2nd place (and I must say VERY close)

(Hmm let's see... how about a picture of Danny Trejo with pigtails riding a rollercoaster?)
I'm sure that this will bring me problems with Danny Trejo.

And first (drum roll please)

YES! Hasidic Plumber did it again

(Raccoons fighting me for food, in a trash can. We are both desperate to eat that rotting food that lies in the metal trash can, so as you can imagine, it's a fierce fight.)

Your banner will be coming soon

One more thing before I left.

There's a new link on my blog to Post-It Poster facebook page, give it a like :)

Shalom! (like the winner would say)

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

First (of many) Postitposter Contest

Well, here's the thing. I'd been thinking for a while (and some of you suggested it as well) to have a contest in which you tell me what would you like to see. Of course, I can, and will make some modifications and take some kind of artistic freedom.

The rules are the following:

1_ You have to leave a comment telling me what would you like me to draw
2_ You must be a follower.
3_ Only one suggestion per blogger.

Of course, there will be awesome prizes such as:

1st prize The drawing you requested + a special mention + a header for your blog OR a picture of you (if you want it, of course)
2nd and 3rd prize The drawing you requested + a mention. (they will be posted in the following posts)

So start thinking, you have time till tomorrow (uncertain hour hahaha)

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

Beware of the monster

First of all, I want to apologize for being away for a few days. I'm not going to enter on details, but the next post will explain a little bit what happened. Or not.

Have you ever heard of African ants? Dangerous, flesh eating monsters. Well, the've got nothing to do against...

They WONT eat your sugar at night!

And as I like random stuff, here's a random video.

Please let me know what would you like to see in the next entrys. And follow me!

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

My mind has been blown

Yesterday I went to a Primal Scream show, part of their Screamadelica world tour, and I realized that there are two kinds of people: the ones who saw Screamadelica live, and the ones who didn't.

If you see a piece of my brain, let me know!

Trip, trip, baby trip!

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

I haven´t got new shoes

As the title said, I haven´t got new shoes. I would really like to have them, but I don't.
I had some extra bucks to get a new pair, but then I realised that my hamburger needed them more than I do.

Look at him, he looks so happy!

I guess I did what I was suppposed to do.

Here's a little tune of a local band illustrationg my situation.
They are awesome, check some of their stuff.

Having said all I had to say, I salute you.

martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

My dad is a turtle

Today, happened something pretty strange. I woke up and went down for breakfast as usual, but as soon as I entered to the kitchen I saw something...

Something quite strange.

I picked him up and looked him right into his eyes.

Yup, he's now a turtle.

This is not exactly what it happened but its close enough.

Stay tunned to see what happened with my dad.
As usual, any request and suggestions, are more than welcome.

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Introduction - Cassius

So, I´m starting this space to share some of the things I come up with while i'm illustrating. Most of them are quite weird (at the least), but I hope you like them.

Please let me know what you think about this.

My first deliver is Cassius, the punk rocker duck. Today he´s performing one of his favorites "I wanna be sedated" by The Ramones.

Any requests or suggestions, just let me know.

Pills and feathers!